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Sharon Branch

Sharon Branch


Sharon joined Document Direct in July 2012 after having a career break to look after her two boys. Sharon mainly works evenings as one of the Supervisors; this involves dealing with any client queries, prioritising the dictations as they arrive on the server and ensuring work is completed on time. She is also first point of contact for any queries our team of typists may have.

Sharon previously worked for one of the leading law firms in London with experience in employment and pensions law and intellectual property law.

Sharon says “I love my role at Document Direct we have such a great team of people working with us there is always somebody to help and point you in the right direction even though we live all over the country. Working from home fits perfectly with my family life. I’m just so pleased I stumbled across Document Direct searching on the internet one day for typing jobs from home; my working life couldn’t be better.”

Tips to our clients, from experience

Try not to rustle your papers around on your desk too much when dictating and speaking nice and slowly means your dictation will be turned around a lot quicker!

Favourite sport or pastime

Spending time with my boys, socialising with friends and taking my dog for a walk

Favourite country visited


Favourite tipple

White wine

Best TV box set or favourite movie


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Sharon Branch


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