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Michelle Rowland

Michelle Rowland

Business Development Manager

Michelle is Business Development Manager and has been a member of the Document Direct team for 8 years. She is also an account manager for some of our key clients. Her combination of technical understanding and excellent engagement with clients makes her an asset to the team.

Having demonstrated extraordinary attention to detail and an impressive dedication as a supervisor amongst our typists, Michelle quickly moved into the Customer Service Manager role. Here she applied the same level of commitment to delivering superb care and support to all clients.

After 6 years as a Customer Service Manager, Michelle is perfectly equipped to deal with and identify solutions to any client needs. This makes her an ideal fit for her current role as an account manager and informs her role in Business Development as she is fluent in every aspect of the day to day operations of Document Direct.

In her life before joining us, Michelle progressed from being Secretary to the Principal Education Officer at Dorset County Council to Customer Advisor for The Alliance and Leicester Building Society. She has 25 years experience in secretarial and administrative roles and has managed the Customer Services Department as PA to the Directors at a meat manufacturing company in Wiltshire.

Living on the Island of Portland, Dorset, she finds that working from home for Document Direct ensures that she has a great work/family life balance and she enjoys the outdoor life with some wonderful sea views.

Tips to our clients, from experience

Don’t just say “You know, just put in all the usual stuff, or type the letter as you see fit.”

Favourite sport or pastime

Music – I play the cornet and also love outdoor life, walking, sailing, and kayaking.

Favourite country visited


Favourite artist


Best TV box set or favourite movie

The Wizard of Oz. And guess why … because, because, because … !

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