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Pauline Connolly

Pauline Connolly

Operations Director

Pauline is a key member of our senior management team, having been Operations Manager at Voicepath since 2006, when Document Direct and Voicepath joined forces in 2017 she agreed to take on the role of Operations Director.

Pauline has successfully worked with many firms with their transition to outsourced transcription managing system training, IT integration, fee earner training, operational management and contract management.  These skills were also proven during the massive project of merging of Voicepath and Document Direct whilst ensuring it was business as usual for all clients.

The focus of Pauline’s role is to manage operational delivery of an efficient, high quality and customer focused typing service in addition to growing and managing external relationships with suppliers and partners. Furthermore, with extensive experience in acting as the central liaison between remote workers and end users, she has a 360° view of how such services work and where they can be improved.

Document Direct is a company that looks to stay ahead of the game and Pauline will continuously look for ways of enhancing an already successful company, by implementing policies and procedures which will help it to continue growing appropriately. The aim of the growth and strengthening of external partnerships will also be focussed on improving service offerings to our clients.

Tips to our clients, from experience

We can make you more profitable and efficient.

Favourite sport or pastime

Running – having progressed from couch potato to 10K in 8 months my sights are set on completing the Wolf run series. Festivals – I love family based festivals having attended Latitude, Carfest, Fake Festival and several more

Favourite country visited

France – love the culture and language.  Spain – love the laid back lifestyle.  Caribbean – love the beautiful scenery and beaches and friendly people.

Favourite tipple

Honey rum from Dominican Republic

Best TV box set or favourite movie

Bridget Jones Diary

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