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We have extensive experience of transcribing dictation from authors, writers and bloggers. Or turning your handwritten manuscript into type. Our team can work with your current layout or even help you design a new style. We can help create your own personalised blog either from your handwritten notes or from your dictation.

We are also used to producing books to tight deadlines, and due to the excellence of our service, you’ll find us on the acknowledgements pages of a surprising number of published works.

Alternatively, we can adapt any previous writings or musings that you have created and turn them into a blog for you. If you would like us to manage your blog using your content management system (e.g. wordpress) then we can even upload the text and add tags and keywords for you.

“My old boss, Ken Roman, the chairman of the Ogilvy Group, used to say you should always deliver more than what you promise. And that sums up the Document Direct service in my experience. Thanks to their team, I was able to write the book faster than I would have believed possible. They really do deliver the goods.”

Drayton Bird, Drayton Bird Associates

Our charges are based on the length of the recording or manuscript and will remain fixed. So you will know up front what the cost will be.

Some of the key elements of our service for authors are:

  • You can send dictation digitally, or by email or upload it to our server and we will transcribe in your style of speech.
  • Fax manuscript (handwriting) to us and we will copy type.
  • We will copy type in your chosen layout and style, or can help you develop your own “house-style”.
  • All client data is stored securely on our servers, and we will ensure it is protected.