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About us

Document Direct is the UK’s premier outsourced typing and document production service for the legal, medical and professional services sectors.

This position is confirmed by us being the only outsourced transcription service which is endorsed and recognised by The Manchester Law society, Lawnet, and Lawshare.

We take pride in our document accuracy, which is  99-100% error free in every document. We turn around work within the hour and offer 24/7 support at one consistent agreed rate. More than this, we work with our clients to design a process that really works for them and that makes the change to outsourced services an easy and positive experience as well as a sound business choice.

Our vision is to be the best at what we do. Our commitment to quality is second to none and we are the only ISO 27001 certified outsourced services business in the UK that offers a true UK based 24/7 service. We work incredibly hard at recruiting and retaining the best staff, with the skills your business needs. Key to this success is ensuring we have a happy, healthy business that is a pleasure to work with and for.

Our mission is to help you run your business more efficiently so that you can provide your clients with a better service than ever before. By being responsive to your needs, and tailoring our solutions to fit your business, we strive always to go above and beyond and make the change to outsourced secretarial services a welcome one.

Martyn Best

Chief Executive Officer

Pauline Connolly

Operations Director

Shelley Bradshaw

Human Resources Manager & Account Manager

Viv Rivett

Technical Services Manager

Emma Wilkinson

Client Support Manager

Michelle Rowland

Business Development Manager

Jacqui Sharples

Document Production Supervisor

Gayle Polglase

Training Manager/Account Manager

Karen Godden

Client Success Manager & Account Manager

Sharon Branch


Chris Smith

IT & Informatics Director