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Emma Wilkinson

Emma Wilkinson

Client Support Manager

Emma joined the team in 2018 after the merger of Voicepath with Document Direct. Her role includes ensuring clients’ needs are met when queries are directed to our helpdesk.  She is also responsible for learning clients’ case management systems and training typists to use those IT systems.  She also quality checks typing and helps the team monitor the quality and quantity of work completed.

Emma has over 20 years experience working in the legal environment and has previously worked for differing legal organisations such as The Law Society and the CPS prior to joining Voicepath in 2013.

Tips to our clients, from experience

Be clear about what you would like from the outset when dictating.

Favourite sport or pastime

Emma enjoys painting and crafts, socialising, spending time with her family and she has a second job working for Wolves FC in her spare time (even though she’s not that keen on football!)

Favourite country visited

Scotland or Antigua – 2 opposite ends of the weather spectrum!

Favourite tipple

A lovely glass of wine.

Best TV box set or favourite movie

Doctor Who and Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.


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