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Document Production

Our document production service (DPS) can quickly transform your handwritten notes, Excel spreadsheets or printed text into professional well-presented and correctly formatted documents.

The team of document production specialists can operate as an extension of your own in-house resource or as your firm’s sole document production resource; dramatically helping fee earners improve productivity by undertaking many different types of work:

Electronic bundles for courts

  • Creation of PDF documents which comply with HMCTS guidelines
  • E-bundles provided in PDF format and all pages numbered
  • A hyperlinked index and bookmarks which include a short description and page number
  • All text subject to OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Realignment of pages
  • Setting default view for all pages to be 100%.
  • Ensuring resolution of the bundle is not greater than 300 dpi and optimising file size
  • Quick turnaround on additions and amendments (including appropriate pagination)
More information from the Courts and Tribunal Judiciary can be found here:


document production

  • Creation of and amendments to Word documents with advanced document formatting including: automatic tables of contents, automatic cross-referencing, page numbering, headers and footers, footnotes, comments
  • Amendments to documents from PDF manuscript mark-ups
  • Reformatting of documents into your firm’s house style
  • Creation of new Word documents, using your firm’s templates to produce professional and properly formatted documents
  • Copy typing of handwritten notes and printed text
  • Creation of precedents and templates

PDF (Portable Document Format)

  • Conversion of PDFs to Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Manipulation of PDFs (splitting/combining, moving/deleting pages, redacting text, page numbering)

Excel, formatting, and calculation

  • Creation of or amendments to Excel spreadsheets
  • Data entry and formatting
  • Entering calculations/formulae to help analyse your data
  • Our team can help with many forms of data entry using Excel formatting, DMS and CMS management. As well as helping you interpret your important information
  • We can take your data and create a template to present it in a more manageable fashion


  • Creation of and amendments to PowerPoint presentations from handwritten notes or printed text
  • Presentations professionally produced keeping within your firm’s brand/guidelines
  • Our team are experts at creating or correcting PowerPoint presentations. Send us your narrative and we will transform it into a PowerPoint presentation. Our document production team can use your existing template, improve it or even design a new one for you.

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