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Digital Dictation Services

It’s well documented how effective digital dictation transcription systems are at reducing the amount of time taken to produce documents and reducing the number of typists employed. Outsourcing digital dictation services can reduce turnaround times and secretarial overhead even further.

Whilst we know that the prospect of making such changes to the way you work can at times be daunting, at Document Direct we specialise in making the move to outsourced digital dictation easy, and ensuring that it brings welcome benefits. Our clients have often commented on how our services have been a breath of fresh air in their business.

We start every partnership with a period of free consultancy that allows us to tailor the system and process to your needs, help you make changes that will streamline your working practices and ensures that we produce documents just how you like them, straight into your templates and using your style guide.

If you already work with digital dictation systems we plug into your existing system (see more on our compatibility) or you can use our free WinScribe Author software.

Why Choose Document Direct for your Digital Dictation Services?

  • Pay only for the amount of dictation sent as charges are based on the length of dictation not on how long it takes the typist to type (Turnaround times and costs).
  • Have your dictation typed onto your templates just how you like it.
  • Receive your work within the hour (Turnaround times and costs).
  • Integration with case management systems if required.
  • Enjoy the best quality and the comfort of the highest security guarantee
  • We have specialist capabilities for legal and medical firms

How does it work?

Using our Winscribe Author software or a plugin to your existing dictation system simply upload a sound file via our website or send a sound file as an attachment to an email. We will email the finished document back or it can be collected from our secure server.