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Systems and compatibility

Depending upon the type of dictation system you have there is a slightly different method used to outsource (export) your digital dictation to Document Direct. If you don’t already have a digital dictation system you can download and use our free software to send your dictation to our team of secretaries.


Outsourcing with Winscribe

Outsourcing to Document Direct with the Winscribe system couldn’t be easier and there are a number of options available to configure your Winscribe system. This means you can choose whether to outsource by the type of work, by author or by time of day.

Authors can choose whether to outsource by:

  1. Adding a Job Type – which is configured to send the dictation to us
  2. Adding Document Direct to the Typing Groups
  3. SmartPhone dictations can be configured so that all dictation will be routed to us

Or Administrators can choose which dictations to outsource and use Winscribe’s Exporter program.

Winscribe have also developed their 360 Degree application which adds an outsourcing module to their existing systems. This means the progress of dictations can be tracked even when the file has been exported to the Document Direct server.

Using secure HTTPS Winscribe will configure your dictation system so that you can choose whether to send your work to your usual secretary or outsource to your favourite typist at Document Direct.

The completed work can be downloaded from our Winscribe system or emailed from us to your chosen email address, giving you a totally flexible system of workflow to suit your needs.


Outsourcing from BigHand

BigHand have developed an outsource module which works in two different ways:

The fee earner chooses to send the work as he dictates; or
the manager selects which jobs from the system are to be sent.
Whichever method is chosen, Document Direct is ready to type up your documents as dictation arrives almost instantly on our server.

The BigHand outsource module allows fee earners and managers to track each piece of dictation that is outsourced in just the same way as it is internally. The dictation will show on your system whether it is “in progress” or “completed”.

BigHand will install the outsource module and configure your existing system by adding Document Direct as another “Typist Group” for your authors to access. You can call your typist group whatever you like, for example, ”Out of Hours” or ”Overflow”.


Compatible with Peapod’s OfficeDictate

Outsourcing from Peapod’s OfficeDictate system is very simple as the software has a number of “tick box” options. The dictation sound file can be recorded and encrypted in a number of different file formats (for example, WAV, VOX, DSS). Each of those formats is compatible with the Document Direct system.

Depending on how your Office Dictate system is configured, choose whether to attach your dictation to an email or send it via FTP.

Your software vendor or Document Direct can help you with the configuration and training.

Quite often the OfficeDictate system is used with the Philips Speechmike.

You can choose which dictations you would like to be transcribed by your in-house secretary and those you wish to outsource so you can make the full use of our flexible outsourced secretarial service for those busy periods when you need help.


Philips Digital Dictation

  • Philips Speech Exec Enterprise compatible
  • Work on the move and send dictations from Anywhere
  • Philips dictation handsets compatible with all dictation systems

Philips digital dictation systems use the industry-standard DSS file format as well as their own secured format (encrypted as DSS Pro in their Speech Exec Enterprise system). Both formats are compatible with outsourcing to Document Direct.

Depending on whether you like to sit at your desk while dictating or prefer to be mobile, Philips has a device that suits you and all are compatible with outsourcing.