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Will outsourcing become the norm over the next 5 years?

Managing the demands of running a law practice is challenging enough…but what happens when things get busy or unforeseen circumstances change your course? Do you have a big enough team to back you up? Does client care slip? What about compliance? Never mind managing in a pandemic !    ...

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The new WFH is WFO

Working from the office Never mind working from home, or WFH, as we know it - THE major talking point at the moment is whether football is really coming home this year. The delayed start of the Euro 2020’s, so late that they are the Euro 2021’s, except in the...

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Transcription Accuracy is of Paramount Importance – One Mistranscribed Word Triggers £6.4 Million Will Dispute

Will drafting is an exact science, requiring years of professional training, and a single mis-chosen or out-of-place word can have very serious consequences. Exactly that happened in a High Court case concerning the mistaken use of the word ‘both’ – rather than ‘each’ – in a millionaire businessman’s will. The...

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