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Are you a legal professional working-from-home with limited secretarial support?

There are many reasons why you might not be as productive at home as you are in the office. And the reasons range across all manner of distractions and responsibilities. For some of us, we are now doing a full day of work while looking after little ones that would...

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How to Turn Your Legal Practice into a Financial Success

The Solicitor's guide TO MARKETING AND GROWING A BUSINESS Flor McCarthy has written a book. It's not just any old book - it's one full of fine ideas for all law firms to help improve their profitability. Whilst Flor practices in Cork the perspectives and insights and suggestions he brings...

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Tips to help your dictation

We all talk, and we all talk in our own style. If you're using our service, it might be that a few very small changes in how you dictate would really help our team in delivering your work back even quicker than normal. How to get the best audio quality...

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