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We believe in keeping everything simple and have just one rate per minute of dictation which we will agree with you at the outset. The rate doesn’t change if you send us priority or out of hours work.

You don’t pay any subscription charge, software or maintenance fees. There are no hidden extras – just pay as you use.

We simply add up the minutes and seconds for all of your dictation or typing and can supply you with a detailed breakdown if you wish. For digital dictation transcription services please note that you pay only for the length of the dictation, not for how long it takes for the typist to type it – that element is dealt with in our terms of engagement and our fast turnaround times.

If you need to know in advance how much a piece of work will cost we can provide you with a quote once we have reviewed your document and spoken to you about your needs.

For further details, call us on 0845 054 2252 or email us now for your personal quote.