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Copy typing and word processing

  • Fax manuscript amendments direct to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Track changes (revisions) and advanced word processed documents such as full cross referencing, automatic table of contents and automatic page numbering
  • Fax copy typing to us when there’s not enough in-house staff to meet your needs
  • Pay only for the amount of time taken to produce the document with no subscription charges

Solicitors, surcveyors and other professionals need quality support services to help them meet their client’s goals. Quite often a professional will need a document to be amended at very short notice. A document may require track changes to be shown and the document should always be as perfect as it can. When used properly, advanced word processing techniques such as automatic numbering, automatic cross referencing, tables of contents, automatic page numbering and track changes means documents can be amended and produced faster with the minimum risk of error.

For example, a small 50 page agreement needs to have a clause struck through (removed). The clause numbers throughout the document will need to be updated throughout the document to reflect the change. By using automatic cross referencing, each change in clause numbers will automatically update, reducing the amount of time taken to amend the document and minimising any risk error in the document.

Now it is possible to have complex documentation produced by an outsource transcription company.

Document Direct’s secretaries have proven advanced word processing skills and experience of supporting solicitors, surveyors and other professionals in a busy practice.