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Confidential Transcription Services

At Document Direct we know how important confidentiality is in the legal sector. That’s why we constantly developing and improving or working methods to ensure they are as secure as possible. If we weren’t 100% confident in them, we wouldn’t offer confidential transcription services.

All our typists are highly experienced in professional sectors. Their backgrounds in the legal, medical or financial services mean they understand the importance of confidentiality with audio files and written documentation.

We adhere to all best practice standards across the industry. This means we are able to hold an ISO 27001 certification. So you can be confident your documentation will be managed safely at all times.

Want To Discuss Confidential Transcription?

When dealing with confidential documents, we know important it is to be able to trust the service you are planning on using. That’s why we would always suggest contacting us to discuss your needs first. You can either give us a call, or fill in the enquiry form on the contact us page and we will get back to you.

At Document Direct we offer all of our services on a pay as you go basis. That means you can send us as many, or as few, documents as you require. There is no monthly subscription to sign up for, and there are no hidden charges. You won’t even be charged for sending documents out of hours. Our costs are the same 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You won’t be charged any more by us for working when you need to.

Start With A Free Trial?

Still unsure whether you would benefit from outsourcing your transcription services? Then when not sign up for a free trial? We are so confident in the advantages our service provides that we will let you try it out first for free!