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NEW PARTNERSHIP! Digital legal forms library FormEvo

Document Direct is delighted to announce our partnership with FormEvo FormEvo provides the only vendor-independent online legal forms library in the UK. Legal forms are their only business – it’s what they do – so their focus is developing electronic and digital legal forms that are easy to use, can...

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The Solicitor’s Guide to Marketing and Growing a Business

Flor McCarthy has written a book. It's not just any old book - it's one full of fine ideas for all law firms to help improve their profitability. Whilst Flor practices in Cork the perspectives and insights and suggestions he brings are ideal for all firms, be they in Ireland,...

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Costa – the coffee is good but the app is fantastic

We all have our favourite little coffee shop, and we probably have our favourite coffee shop chain, and we have at times been asked to carry a small bit of plastic to show our loyalty to one or the other. Whichever way your favours go, it always seems to be...

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