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Helping RICS Chartered Surveyors do things differently – and better


RICS Chartered Surveyors need to provide reports to their clients quickly and efficiently – a key part of that process is writing a detailed report which needs to be returned accurately and promptly. This can be time consuming and, for those firms without a flexible support model, internal resources may be stretched causing a delay.


Document Direct understands the time-sensitive nature of producing reports and the positive impact that a prompt return can have on your clients.

Our 24/7 service is already improving efficiency for many of the UK’s top surveyors, including: Tamlyns, Mason Owen and Vickery Holman. In many cases, overall turnaround times have improved by over 50%, leaving surveyors to focus on more ‘value added tasks’ and ultimately improving client satisfaction.

Document Direct’s UK-based team of specialist property typists are familiar with typing commercial and residential reports and surveys, including:

  • RICS HomeBuyer Reports,
  • Condition Reports,
  • Building Surveys,
  • Valuations,
  • Expert Witness Reports and
  • Structural Surveys.

Reports can either be completed on your precedent templates and returned by email or, alternatively, our team can work within RICS Proforms (or similar reporting system) without any change to your existing workflow.

Our dedicated digital dictation app is available free of charge, providing your surveyors with the ability to dictate from anywhere, whether that be on site, at home or in the office, and then send that dictation to our specialist property typists for accurate transcription. Alternatively, we can integrate with your existing digital dictation provider (including BigHand, Olympus and Philips) to incorporate your existing dictation

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