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Electronic Verification

What we do / how we do it?

Traditional methods of contract and document approval are slow and costly. It can take up to a week to print, distribute and receive approved documents back, and the cumulative overheads for postage, printing and staff time soon add up.

Our iComply service offers a simple and cost-effective way to obtain fast, evidence based client approval.

Simply log into your own secure portal, upload the document and send the link to your client via email. The client accesses the link, reads the contents and agrees in a simple click. This provides legal verification under the Electronic Communications Act 2000 and Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002.

The document is then returned by email with a QR code that provides immediate, legally recognised confirmation of approval, as well as an evidential, paperless trail in the event of potential future disputes.


Why iComply?


Documents can be approved within the hour, meaning work can start in the secure knowledge that your client has approved your engagement. This element also helps address the recent introduction of the need to provide a 14-day cooling off period.

Reduce Overheads

No postal, print, copying or associated labour costs, meaning your overheads can be reduced by up to two-thirds.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Electronic files are saved directly to your case management system making them easier to locate. Electronic storage also minimises scanning requirements, internal post and reduces unnecessary administration.

Improved Client Experience

Clients benefit from a faster resolution and clear audit trail, which cuts days off the engagement process and gives peace of mind. The swift process reflects the fast paced, efficient culture of your firm, which encourages referrals

Reduce Your Risk

A robust electronic audit trail minimises risk of write offs and provides evidence for SRA compliance, Lexcel, Legal Ombudsman, CQS, ISO9001 etc


Each firm has its own portal with secure login password, and all elements comply to the international ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard

Environmentally Friendly

Helps clients move towards a paperless office and significantly reduces carbon footprint