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Learn to Dictate in 5 Simple Steps

We often hear “everyone is typing their own documents these days”. After all people who have grown up in the digital age are fast typists and most certainly know how to operate Microsoft Office. Managers know that fee earners’ time is, however, best spent earning fees rather than typing and formatting documents.

One great way to improve the efficiency of your fee earners is to employ a dictation service. It’s quicker to speak than to type and our clients are continually surprised how much time and money can be saved.

There is a trend to have more people use dictation because (a) it’s quicker to speak than to type and (b) to learn how to use speech recognition software.

What stops people from using dictation is the fear of having to learn how to speak to suit a machine. Search the internet now for tips and there are so many tips aimed at speech recognition programs which does not necessarily deal with the lack of human enthusiasm to embrace change

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